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Welcome to the future of live TV in VR!

I’m a professional web designer and developer who has been creating innovative and cutting-edge websites since 2008. I have always been passionate about offering products and services that go beyond the current trends and deliver more value and features than you can find anywhere else on the internet.

One of my proudest achievements was creating live video streaming websites for various beta sites that worked on iPhone and Android devices, three years before Facebook launched its own live video feature.

I originally wanted to create a 3d experience for The Queens Of Real Estate Chicago Reality Show where users can watch the show and be immersed in the 3d Chicago Gold City I created for the intro of the show. I thought, how cool would it be if the environment changed based on the scenes of the show which show you that section of the city or place the scene is in.

Now, I’m excited to introduce you to my latest project: a website that lets you watch live over-the-air TV channels from around the world in VR!

Using my AR Magic Leap Headset, I created the experience that I always wanted online: a virtual reality platform where you can enjoy live TV in a 3D space. Whether you want to watch news, sports, entertainment, or culture, you can find a channel that suits your taste and immerse yourself in a themed environment that matches the content.

For example, you can watch the Afroland TV channel in an Egyptian setting, complete with pyramids and sphinxes. Or you can watch the BBC in a London scene, with Big Ben and the Tower Bridge in the background.

But that’s not all. My vision is to create a site where all XR devices can access and experience live TV in VR. I also want to make it a social and interactive platform, where users can log in, chat with other viewers, and buy and sell 3D objects that are relevant to the channel and the environment.

This is the first beta version of the site, and I plan to build it out further with more features and improvements. I hope you enjoy and appreciate viewing live local channels from anywhere in XR, AR, VR.

Visit my website today and discover a new way of watching live TV in VR!