Hi there! I’m Leon, an IT expert since 2008 with experience in web development, mobile apps, integration, design, optimization, programming, translation, bass guitar playing, and I have the portfolio to prove it. I have developed websites and mobile apps for small businesses and non-profits as well as Fortune 500 companies like Nike and State Farm.

I created this website to share my passions and skills with the world. On this website, you will find:

  • A menu that links to different sections of my projects
  • A free online Spanish Dictionary and lessons I created
  • My Books, Film projects and products I've designed since owning a store in the mall
  • A video section where I play bass guitar styles of the greatest bassists and my own
  • A photo section where I show pictures of me with greats and well-knowns
  • An article section where I share what I have learned from studying IT since DOS in 1984
  • The Guru section where I explain how I designed, developed and coded this website and the Spanish in 500 words lessons section of this website and more...
  • Coding lessons while I explain what an app needs to pass and free lessons while I  code a clients app

This website is not only a portfolio of my work but also a platform where I can help others with their IT needs. Whether you need help with setting up a host server, designing a responsive website, optimizing it for speed and performance, creating customizations in PHP coding for YouTube videos , Parallax FX , graphic designs , logos , or anything else related to IT , I’m here to assist you.

I’m always eager to learn new things and improve my skills. That’s why I created this website with a Spanish learning section that uses PHP , JSON , JS , no database , no queries and still provides dynamic audio translations . It makes results faster for information that doesn’t change . It’s like having an online dictionary that compares English words with Spanish words using JSON .

If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work , please feel free to contact me anytime . You can also follow me on social media , subscribe to my newsletter , or check out my blog . And if you like what you see , don’t forget to leave me a comment or share this website with others .

Thank you for visiting my website . I hope you enjoy it as much as I do . 😊

Click here to see a working version of the State Farm $100,000 contest I developed in html, css, javascript, Jquery and a custom database bridge I developed to send results directly to Salesforce CRM and qualify the data as a lead.

Sate Farm Giveaway phase 1

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