Subject + Verb

(Sentence Form 1)
The subject + verb form makes a very simple sentence. It is the easiest sentence to make. You can learn it quickly. You can use a noun or pronoun as your subject to create many different sentences with only two words.

1. Look at a few example sentences of Form 1 below
2. Use the link to "Create Your Own Sentences" with a Subject + Verb.


Spanish Instructions are in the pink section. Examples are below

Sujeto + Verbo

(Forma de oración 1)
La forma sujeto + verbo forma una oración muy simple. Es la oración más fácil de hacer. Puedes aprenderlo rápidamente. Puede usar un sustantivo (nombre) o pronombre como sujeto para crear muchas oraciones diferentes con solo dos palabras.


Noun + Verb

Blue wins!
Yellow works!
Birds fly
People talk

Pronoun + Verb

I can
He does
It grows
I hear
I know
She knows