As an author, the purpose of the Queens Of Real Estate Chicago print series is to provide more detail where possible and to be a vehicle for delivery of the video series. The first seasons are shot, sliced and simultaneously edited for shipping and delivery. I present this with the hopes that it will give you an understanding of the work that goes into building and buying a home, as well as be entertaining while painting a picture of the sometimes painful process, price, principles and practice it takes to prepare and present it to you.

Watching the Queens work as they wade through the waves of real estate paperwork to close deals and manage property gave me the will to want to apply what I thought I already knew. In their stories I found myself, the muse and the motivation to finally film and manage a property that had a mortgage, but not making no money. The four fabulous months of filming and enjoying the endless energy from the vibe of earning from estates was exciting and inspired the insight that weighed on my mind at the time...maintaining the mortgage  while managing and producing a video series made it my immediate mission to turn the no income property into a money maker. Almost a year of editing the first episodes and things sometimes come close to complete catastrophe while completely burning out a couple computers. But staying focused to finish when failure is not an option is most important, especially while working to categorize, detail, transcribe and edit 18 Terabytes of film in the meantime. The property I premiered with is a poster child for the potential within these pages as it has become a weekly winner, which caught the attention of multi landowners who want massive properties managed after seeing the success of a property they’ve known in the area many years and  has now become a borderline destination.

Learning by looking for the right answers from the right people, then actually achieving an awesome result compels me to  dedicate this drama to the dedicated. Consistency can conquer completely.

I've written several books over the years, but this book is the 2nd book I completed writing. Like the first, this book is also dedicated to all my children, who I want to teach to always love reading (especially if it’s a contract), to always share in the most productive way and make the most of the things that can help you in life. The ability to be objective and learn from your experiences and the experiences of others will save you the most time, so let my every mistake be your example, never ever your experience.

Queens Of Real Estate Chicago Season One Episode One Book

The first book I wrote was in 2005. It was the story of my life up to that line in time and a labor of love for my children in my own handwriting with images drawn by me. It included a drawing of my hand where I took the time to draw the details of my fingerprints in color pencil, then I bound all the pages in a custom glue and taped over mess of hand drawn images I called a material hardcover. My way of saying “I love you all”, Your futures are my inspiration. I also wrote it because I want my children to know and understand the decisions I’ve made in life, in my own words, in the hopes that it will help them to evaluate and make even more productive decisions. Value the ability of writers to see and summarize who, what, when, where and why because it is being programmed into AI. Never lose that ability. Knowledge is only half of the battle, the other half is action.

I chose to create this series and publish it in print because I don’t know of any so-called reality shows or series that are truly unscripted, fun, show real life situations and drama and explain how to buy a home from the view of a realtor, builder, buyer, seller and lender while sharing the details of the interest costs etc, related to when, what and where to buy. Based on everything I learned from filming different professional perspectives and my own experience I think that if people realized that buying a home can be easier than buying a car in certain cases, many people would probably buy a home first which could secure a more stable future. Generative Generational Guarantee.

This book is also dedicated to the people of the city of Chicago, where I grew up on the west side in an area known as K-Town because all the street names in that mile start with a K, which is a nod to Chicago Civil Engineering. Chicago has a reputation that does not match my experience. I have lived and walked in almost every neighborhood in Chicago in my lifetime and it is always beautiful and there is always something positive to do and something good to eat. Oprah once said that Chicago has some of the most beautiful spaces in the world. People think Chicago is bad because they don’t really know the city enough. There are millions of people who live in and around the city in places they feel safe in. There’s a Beverly Hills, Chicago and it seems to be a secret because even google calls it Beverly, but the sign and official name clearly says and has been Beverly Hills all my life. I have walked through many neighborhoods with very expensive camera equipment, a full Red Dragon X Cinema Camera on my shoulder swaying and I never had any problem on the south side or the west side, which both have the worst reputations, (and I have never carried nor owned a gun in my life). I hope that people get to see the city through my eyes, because I have enjoyed and never feared filming the other beautiful parts of Chicago that I have never seen on any tv show or movie.

Queens Of Real Estate Chicago Reality Show

Written, Produced and Directed by Leon Bellamy

"Queens of Real Estate Chicago" follows the lives of 10 dynamic women as they navigate the cutthroat world of real estate in the Windy City. By day, these women are top agents, brokers, and developers, using their expertise and business savvy to close deals and make their mark in the industry. But outside of work, they know how to let loose and enjoy the finer things in life, proving that they truly are the queens of their profession.

Throughout the season, we'll get an inside look at the daily challenges and triumphs these women face in their careers, from negotiating with clients and scouting out new properties to managing their own personal lives, extended family and friend hardships to family heartbreaks and intervention. From high-rise condos on the lakefront to sprawling mansions in the suburbs and everything in between, no property is too big or too small for these ladies to tackle.

But it's not all work and no play for our "Queens of Real Estate Chicago." From rooftop parties and exclusive events to nights out on the town, we'll see these women let their hair down and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Whether they're sipping champagne at a swanky club or dancing the night away at a trendy bar, these ladies know how to have a good time.

Join us for "Queens of Real Estate Chicago," where we show that these women are not only successful in their careers, but also the queens of the Chicago social scene.

The first season includes an event with the former Mayor of Chicago, working with the current Governor of Illinois, Many home closings, Champaign Closings, Awards Ceremony for a few of our Queens, iHeart Radio Guests with Inspiration 1390, business and personal drama and much more... 

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